The Center Management Solution

Comprehensive Center Management

WCONLINE® gives you 24-hour access to your center through a dedicated website. Students and staff easily make appointments, enter reports, and meet online using any computer, device, or contemporary browser. Even better, you don't need any special hardware, software, server space, or IT support to use WCONLINE. And, the program includes the tools that centers need, such as:

Easily-accessible text-only (screen-reader compliant) and mobile sites.

Automatic and custom appointment confirmation emails, and Reminder and waiting list emails and text messages.

No-show policy tracking, notifications, and enforcement.

Custom demographic, appointment, post-session, and survey forms.

Graphical reports, including reports on center utilization data.

Built-in waiting list, waiting room, early alert, card reader, and time clock tools.

Easily configured single-sign-on and LDAP authentication capabilities.

Group, workshop, and special event scheduling tools.

Subject area or specialty "drill down" scheduling options.

An included synchronous Online Consultation Module with audio, video, and text chat, a shared whiteboard, and drawing and math tools.

An included eTutoring module with file upload, written response, and email response tools with a dedicated slot-based schedule interface.

Scheduling restrictions, text messaging capabilities, mass email functions, and much more.

Since WCONLINE runs on our servers, all system upgrades—including the addition of new features and updates—are installed automatically and without any additional costs. Unlimited support is also always included. Our company-owned infrastructure is housed in secure datacenters, constantly updated, constantly backed-up, and continually monitored. All WCONLINE data is encrypted and only accessible through SSL connections.

Intuitive, User-Friendly, Robust, and Secure

We've spent more than twenty years listening to our clients, learning from their needs, and watching how they interact with WCONLINE. That work has led to the development of the most user-friendly and easiest to learn program on the market, while still allowing us to provide the features that you need. You'll be comfortable using WCONLINE even before you log in--especially since all you need is a web browser.

Still have questions? We're happy to help!

Simply put, WCONLINE allows me to do what I most need and like to do much more easily and cost-effectively [...] Most importantly, its report capabilities have helped me to demonstrate clearly our center's success and to argue compellingly for our center's needs.
WLN 29.5 | Margaret Mika | The University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee

Complete, Customized, and All-Inclusive for just $800 per year!